Warman Process


At Warman Construction, we pride ourselves on delivering an experience that our customers will not only enjoy, but will feel secure in their decision to hire us. Every new client goes through the following process to insure that their project will be a success:

  1. "Share your Dream" Meeting - at the first meeting, the Warman team uncovers your personal dream for your project. We'll ask you the following questions:
  2. Warman Construction
    • What are you trying to accomplish?
    • How will the space be used?
    • Review the existing structure to ensure a proper blend with existing surroundings
    • What is the budget for the project? Does "the dream" fit the budget?
    • What is the customer's taste in d├ęcor, etc?
  3. Design Phase - Warman Construction works with many well respected and talented kitchen and bath designers, architects, and interior space planners and will work closely with the designer to insure that the plans fit "your dream" and fit into "your budget."
  4. Review Phase - During this phase, all parties would come together for a comprehensive review of the project, to insure that all expectations are clearly delineated.
  5. Estimate Phase - Warman Construction proceeds working to gather the estimated hours, costs, and contract pricing for the project. During this phase, the customer has the opportunity to meet some of the subcontractors that will be working on the project and to have further dialogue with all the parties about the project. The end result of this phase is a document which outlines the costs, timing, and estimated production schedule.
  6. Contract and Schedule Phase - Contract is signed and schedule is set. At this point, the project is assigned to a Project Manager for execution. Your Project Manager is your point person during construction. You have questions, comments, concerns...your Project Manager is intimately involved with your project and is ready to help you through completion of your dream project.